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CHARLEY GAIDONI - Director & Screenwriter at Brighton Film School


My name is Charley Gaidoni, born 5th July 1998 and I'm a Director and Screenwriter.

Stories and performances have been my passion for years, since the age of 13 I've been working on short films with a group of friends. After taking Media Studies in Sixth Form, it was clear to me that film and TV were what I wanted to do with my life.


I have worked with actors as a Director on over 10 short films, some of which you can find on this website. I have also written a number of scripts using software such as DuelWriter, FinalDraft, and CeltX.


When it comes to writing, I specialize mainly in writing Horror and Psychological fiction. However, I have also delved into Comedy and Documentaries.


One of my films has also won Best TV Extract at the Moving Image Awards in 2017. It was presented to me at the BFI in London and I even made it into the local newspaper. Click here to see the article I was featured in.

I've made a large number of videos I have edited for the Leach Pottery in Cornwall, including a 40-minute documentary, before finally making my way to the Screen and Film School in Brighton, where I am currently studying filmmaking and on my way to receiving a BA Honours in Screenwriting.

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